People near the military compounds where alleged disk technology was being developed reported sightings of "ghost ships". This was before the term UFO or flying saucer was used but many of the same events were happening in the late 30's and 40's in Germany. Some reports were probably the V1 and V2 rockets while other reports were said to be more similar to UFO sightings.

In a 1981 book by Nigel Pennick, Hitler's Secret Sciences, he describes events that were similar to what people would soon experience in South America and the United States in the 50's while encountering a UFO.

In 1938 on top of one of the peaks on the Hartz Mountains called the Broken a tower was erected. Another was erected on top of the Feldberg peak near Frankfurt.

At times cars traveling along the mountain roads would suddenly have the engine stall and the electronics died. They would be approached by a Lutwaffe guard who would tell them it was no use trying to start the car but he would let them know soon when they could.

If true this has all the evidence of experiments that are giving out intense EM (electro magnetic) pulses.

A declassified US Army foo-fighter report states that an American infantry unit camped near the Mannheim Autobahn by night saw a number of "large glowing balls" coming in to land "in a small wood". Each appeared to be under independent control, wobbling rather like an aircraft. Beyond the small wood they disappeared from sight.

In another incident - pre-dating the archive release of the US document - on the Mannheim Autobahn towards the end of the war, a car driver found that his engine cut out suddenly. This also happened to all other car drivers on that stretch of the highway. Black-uniformed Gestapo arrived and lined the side of the road. [If all engines have stopped dead how did the Gestapo "arrive"?] Several unidentified flying objects flew overhead, probably having taken off from the small airfield at Neuostheim hidden behind a small wood. Shortly afterwards, the Gestapo warned occupants of all cars to say nothing of what they had seen, and after a few moments electrical transmission was restored.

The source was discovered and the true sequence of events was: Gestapo (actually regular troops) arrive, block the road and ask the driver to turn off the engine. This was because radar tests were being done (calibration IIRC) and they didn't want any extraneous electrical signals (from the car ignition) affecting the readings. After a period of time the driver would be allowed to proceed once the tests were complete. The "flying objects" are added embellishments by later (credulous) writers.


Is this how the U.S.government got into the UFO conspiracy business in the first place?


My name is Hans Gobek, and I was a pilot in the Luftwaffe throughout the war. I served in the western front, and for most of the war I was assigned to the Special Projects Group at Breslau, Germany. You have asked me to explain how I came to this country, and the circumstances surrounding the capture and relocation of this group of special pilots and aircraft. This I will do, to the best of my ability.

We operated from Western Germany, primarily against the bomber formations that flew ceaselessly overhead. As our best planes and pilots were shot down, the German High Command devised new ways to attack our enemy. We developed a number of new Terror Weapons to use against them, including the suicidal Natter jet rockets.

But one of the least effective was the desperate use of various saucer designs. Early versions of this machine involved small, 6 to 8 meter silver disks, launched by hidden catapults along the flight path of the bombers. These rapidly-moving saucers would approach the formations from the rear, then veer away suddenly because of internal gyroscopes. They never seemed to hit anything, but could be retrieved and launched repeatedly.

Over time, we perfected this system, making the saucers larger and equipping them with jet propulsion and remote TV links, such as we also used on Messerchmidt Me-163 Komets. Since these saucers were unmanned, they were able to maneuver in ways that would have killed a human pilot, and use of remote control gave them the illusion of being guided by human intelligence.

None of these unarmed versions was successful, but you must remember that we used them to strike terror in the minds of the bomber crews, and in that I believe they had some success. They earned the nickname 'Foo Fighters', and our Japanese allies even requested we ship a number of them to the far east, something our leaders were happy to do. In the Pacific they could be launched from boats or small jungle islands, and were used frequently in the desperate last days of the war.

When the end came for us, it was the Americans that arrived at our facility, and they were eager to capture any secret weapons they could find. Some of our officers were aware of the Führer's fascination with legends and the occult, and decided to claim that these terror weapons were the 'technology of the gods', recovered by us in crashed other world vehicles and applied through dedicated German engineering.

We were amazed that the gullible Americans believed us, but they gathered together our entire group and moved us to the United States. Luckily, we had been ordered to destroy all working saucer systems before the allies arrived, and thus all the Americans found were saucer shells and what they believed was the talent to build more of them.

I later learned this Operation Paperclip worked with the OSS and the CIA to bring many important Nazi officers into the service of secret American organizations. Reinhard Gehlen moved his entire Eastern Front espionage organization over, in much the same way we were transplanted. I think that the CIA also captured vast sums of hidden German gold, for when we arrived, large facilities were constructed on our behalf. These are, I believe, still operating US Navy and Air Force bases, parts of which were buried deep beneath the earth to keep our activities hidden.

Of course, we had no idea of how to create the type of technology the Americans expected, but with their support and secrecy, we began a long program of experimentation and testing in the vast deserts of this country.

I moved back and forth between Edwards Air Force Base in California and various airfields in Nevada repeatedly as I was asked to pilot the craft that my German associates constructed. I was one of the few fortunate pilots from the Fatherland who survived the ordeal.

There were other secrets about our activities that I was never told. We understood that it was best if we knew as little as possible, and to this day I too am unsure why our officers kept this effort so secret, arresting and even killing intruders, reporters, and unlucky visitors.

I was moved here, to a small cabin along the Oregon coast, when my eyesight became too poor to continue with this secret program. Here I have remained for the last twenty-three years. This all that I know of this Nazi UFO program, and these facts I swear are true.